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Giving a Speech


Lori is an experienced International Speaker and Intuitive Holistic Wellness Coach dedicated to helping individuals live a Happy, Healthy, Harmonious, and Holy Life. With a background in brain health coaching, life coaching, and positive intelligence coaching, Lori combines science, spirituality, and mindset to empower her clients and audiences.


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Discover how brain health, science, and spirituality intersect to create a foundation for optimal well-being. In this engaging talk, Lori shares practical strategies to enhance your mental and emotional health. 


This talk is suitable for:

Individuals seeking to improve their overall well-being through a holistic approach.

Professionals in high-stress fields who want to boost their cognitive performance and resilience.

Faith-based organizations interested in exploring the connection between spirituality and brain health.

Here's What Clients Say About



Lori Giovannini is an amazing Speaker, Coach, Spiritual Leader, and Health Advocate. She has truly made a difference in my life by teaching me about brain health, helping me grow my business, better my relationships, and inspires me through her transforming workshops. I highly recommend Lori if you are looking to grow as a person, learn more about health, or connect to God in a deeper way. Lori is a one of a kind coach who truly cares about helping you live your best life ever!
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