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The Jesus Mindset

Do you sometimes feel lonely or not good enough?

Is your life missing meaning and purpose?

Let me tell you a story.

"Once upon a time, there was a young girl who lived in a messed-
up world. 


Her family, like many, was dysfunctional. She felt unwanted, unworthy, and
lonely. She turned to many harmful behaviors and rebelled against the very things that
would help her.


One day, after trying everything to fix her own life, she remembered how her
grandmother would pray to Jesus when times were tough.


What do I have to lose? She thought, and she began to talk to Jesus.


To her surprise, she felt a love she had never felt before.


Could Jesus be her Prince Charming?


She wanted to continue to feel that love, and as she drew closer to Him, He led her to the Jesus Mindset."

Jesus wants to be in your great love story, too! He wants to collaborate with those who want
Him. He wants to connect directly with you.

Today, as a Professional Brain Health Trainer with Amen Clinics and a Positive
Intelligence Coach, I teach my clients to use the spiritual power in their mind. I call it the Jesus

The Jesus Mindset is a process in which your mind connects directly with the mind of Jesus. It’s
the ability to see how Jesus sees. It’s discerning your life challenges alongside Jesus, who
already knows what’s best and how it will work out. It’s enjoying a relationship with someone
who only wants the best for you. This process changed my life, and with practice, you, too, can
learn to quickly tap into the Spirit of Jesus—the Holy Spirit—at any time so you never feel
unworthy, unwanted, or lonely.

The truth is that your life is created in your brain. The brain is a complex computer that controls
the whole body. It houses the mind and is where your spirit, soul, and Jesus convene. Brain
imaging shows that the right side of the brain lights up when you are reading Scripture, praying,
and meditating. It’s as if we have a Wi-Fi connection to our Creator with a homing device that
eventually takes us back to God.
Throughout your lifetime, your brain gathers information and creates beliefs based on data and
conclusions received from your environment. Well-meaning parents, relatives, teachers,
church leaders, educational systems, coaches, news, TV, social media, and the internet
influence, mold, and shape the thoughts in your belief systems. Those thoughts are stored in your
brain cells, and they affect who you are, the way you feel, and how you act. Your actions and
behaviors create your results.

Our Books

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The Jesus Mindset: Tapping into the Spirit of God for Divine Guidance

In a world filled with endless choices and constant distractions, finding true guidance and clarity can feel like an overwhelming task.


But what if you could tap into a divine source that provides unwavering wisdom and guidance for every aspect of your life?


The Jesus Mindset invites you on a transformative journey to unlock the power of the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit within you and embrace a discerning mindset rooted in the teachings of Jesus.

Unlocking the Holy Spirit: Embracing the Jesus Mindset for Empowered Living

Do you long for a deeper connection with God and a greater sense of purpose in your life?


Imagine tapping into a wellspring of divine wisdom and guidance that can transform every aspect of your being.


Unleashing the Divine Within is a powerful guidebook that unveils the secrets of the Jesus Mindset—a transformative approach to living that harnesses the Spirit of God within you.

This automatic thinking helps your brain be more efficient by cells quickly supplying the way
you should think in any situation. This process takes away your ability to think on your own,
allowing your mind to feed you thoughts that are not 100 percent true. These lies keep you from
becoming the true essence of who God created you to be, and you end up giving your power
to brain cells that, in turn, run your daily life. Developing the Jesus Mindset helps you take your
power back and allows the power of the Holy Spirit to give you the grace to see what is best in
any situation.
God gave us free will; He will never decide your thoughts for you. You must seek His
will—what He thinks—by intentionally asking for His wisdom through meditation, prayer, and
learning about Him. In doing so, you activate the mind of Christ. Satan, on the other hand,
can distract you with negative thoughts and lies, but he cannot make you do anything. You have
free will to choose what to think, feel, and act on. Sometimes it’s difficult to know who is talking
in your mind. Satan’s lies seem so real, but believing his lies always leads you down the wrong
path. This is another reason that striving toward hearing the discerning mind of Jesus is so
Jesus is not author of the negative thoughts rolling around in your mind, the thoughts that are
beating you up and keeping you small. Those quick-thinking brain cells may seem helpful and
work for some situations, but automatic thinking can be dangerous. Unfortunately, much of your
thinking is done this way, which is why you experience so many negative emotions. Thoughts
creating negative emotions should always be discerned. The Jesus Mindset includes a simple
process for understanding God’s will in any given circumstance. Here is my seven-step
discernment process:
1. Find a quiet place where you will not get easily distracted. Breathe deeply and think
about something that is going on in your life with which you are struggling. Write your
thoughts about it. Writing out the story you are telling yourself can be very mentally and
emotionally revealing.
2. Read over what you’ve written and circle the parts that are 100 percent true. Hint: Facts
do not contain an adjective or an emotion. Now, underline all the thoughts you are telling
yourself about those facts. Hint: Negative emotions arise from untrue or conflicting
3. If only parts of the story are true, decide whether thinking this way is helpful. Will
the parts that aren’t true serve you in any way and produce the results you desire? If
not, ask yourself, “How else can I think about this situation?” Keep asking this question
until your brain runs out of ideas. Every solution you write about may not be
possible. Still, don’t skip this step. It allows you to take back your power from some
well-meaning (or not) brain cells.
4. Test out your new ideas or solutions. Give yourself the opportunity to envision doing
something different in this situation. Ask yourself, “What would love do?” Get curious. 
“I wonder why I am thinking this way. Which idea do I feel most peaceful with?” Don’t
judge your ideas; just test them. Write down the idea or ideas you feel most comfortable
5. Ask Jesus to come to your assistance in this situation. Spend a moment in prayer and
meditation, visualizing Jesus. See Jesus excited to help you. Sit with Jesus or walk with

Him as He holds your hand. If you have a tough time with visualization, look at a picture
of Jesus and feel the love He has for you. I visualize myself sitting under a shade tree in a
beautiful garden with Jesus. I have had many conversations with Jesus this way.
6. Present the idea or solution to Jesus that made you feel most peaceful and pray for the
Holy Spirit’s wisdom. Jesus loves to protect and guide you. Jesus loves you and wants the
best for you. If you present your needs to Jesus, you will feel the peace of God in your
7. Feel confident in the decision and take action. If you don’t see positive results right away,
know they will come in God’s time and in His way! Jesus is in the middle of the situation
so the right things are in motion. It may not feel good, but what is best for you and your
life has the hand of Jesus on it.
No matter how difficult the circumstance, you and Jesus decide how to think about it. Daily use
of the Jesus Mindset gives you a sense of peace. Taking back your thoughts by choosing not to
let those automatic brain cells run your show, you have the freedom to intentionally decide the
meaning you attach to every situation. Bringing the wisdom of Jesus into your decisions leads
you closer to your divine purpose, which gives meaning to your life.
When you take your negative thoughts captive and process them through the Jesus Mindset, you
allow your mind to physically shift from the left, more negative, more analytical side of your
brain to the right, positive, spiritual side. This shift allows you to see your situation in a true
light, with more options, opportunities, and reasons to be grateful.
The Jesus Mindset shows you the true meaning and purpose of your negative circumstances and
the reasons why you may be experiencing them. Jesus uses the challenging times of life for
growth with new opportunities  that can put you on your path to holiness.
Collaborating with Jesus is not automatic; it’s a moment of grace. It’s a Holy Moment! Using the
power of the Holy Spirit in the Jesus Mindset process creates a spiritual awakening that brings
peace, joy, and eternal rewards.
Once you get into a habit of going through this discernment process of the Jesus Mindset,
you will notice your brain shifting automatically without skipping a beat. It will help you break
free from routine negative thought processes and provide new positive perspectives on tough
situations. Practicing these seven steps will convert this process into a mindset you will
constantly use.
As you live life through the lens of the Jesus Mindset, you will begin to see events
unfold differently and experience the clarity and meaning behind life’s challenges instead of the
stress of reacting to them. These Holy Moments will become amazing blessings along your
Are you ready to learn more about how to let go of your negative thoughts and live more in the
Jesus Mindset? Visit my website for your free digital journal.

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